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The use of desulfurization nozzle

Desulfurization nozzle using the basic principle is to use dusting spray will wet the dust particles to increase the proportion of particles and then with the atmosphere or gas, respectively. Summarize key points are as follows:
   Not the same desulfurization skills, selection of nozzle method is also different. Skills in transporting dry desulfurization sorbent powder material is generally used in air-nozzles. Semidry desulfurization skills in the delivery of limestone slurry, the concentration of high viscosity, generally used air-nozzles. Studies have shown, the air mass affecting the concentration ratio and the main parameters uniform droplet size, gas-liquid mass ratio increases, the droplet decreases uniformly SMD: concentration, SMD increases. Wet FGD skills, the nozzle is generally used for scrubbing flue gas desulfurization scrubbing tower, demister blades cleaning, spray droplet diameter skills needs generally 1300 ~ 3000pm, taking into account factors such as energy consumption and nozzle conflict, often used pressure nozzle.
    About skills in the selection of wet flue gas desulfurization pressure nozzle, the demand during the rotational movement of the liquid to get the more simple the better part, and the atomization of a larger particle size due to demand, generally used in rotary pressure nozzles. In summary, based on economic and features, commonly used in the desulfurization pressure skills are solid cone nozzle swirl nozzle, hollow cone swirl nozzle, air nozzle and the solid cone spiral cone spiral nozzle. During which the hollow cone swirl nozzle is the most widely used.
    Skills in the nozzle of wet desulfurization desulfurization nozzle orientation seminar choice importance, followed by the travel skills seminars, workshops nozzle gradually deepened. Professor Yao domestic empowerment from ideal fluid sail through turbulent drag modifications derive simple swirl nozzles in accordance with a series of relationships, and gives a brief account of the parameters swirl nozzle ways to modify the viscosity approaches remains to be discussion. At that time in the limestone slurry as a medium pressure nozzles use discussion is still small, usually water as a medium for discussion. External flow field inside the nozzle and spray tower planning to settle internal nozzle approaches seminars, few people untouched.
    In short, the pressure nozzle, its discussion has been carried out for over 100 years, formed a relatively complete theoretical system. However, the contact nozzle desulfurization skills seminar is relatively small. At that time, China is still not developed its own scrubbing tower nozzles, domestic demand is very chase cut, therefore, finding previous experience, skills on top with nozzle for desulfurization systems theory and application research, modeled on the internal and external flow field, model building, the nozzle description seminars, atomization diameter conjecture of such great importance.

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