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Features high-pressure water mist nozzles

    Over the years, along with everyone getting to know about the high-pressure water mist, making use of high-pressure water mist nozzles are increasingly being used in a number of works or fire spray humidification system, you can see its shadow. As in the primary firefighting equipment parts, high-pressure water mist and revive traditional methods compared with higher power and more water.

     Pressure water mist sprinkler nozzle is usually divided into open and closed nozzle. Open the nozzle body is equipped with five spray nozzles. Each nozzle 316SS material with a 200 mesh filter, to play a good filtering effect, to avoid clogging the spray, swirl within the common drawing, is more conducive to good control of the viewpoint eruption, flow, extending the life of the nozzle under high pressure . Closed nozzle body has seven spray nozzles, and other parameters with open nozzle joint.


     Would normally be used in file database, library, heritage vault, oil depots, generator room, boats, aviation, coal, subway, tunnels and other local fire. This nozzle particles 10-130um particles vaporized water after the agility, the volume swell 1700-5800 times, absorbs a lot of heat, so that the surface temperature of burning down quickly; together with water vapor formed after vapor will burn the whole region surrounded and overshadowed by the burning of suffocation from lack of oxygen.

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