Wide angle hollow cone spray nozzle
Product Type: Wide angle hollow cone spray nozzle
Place of origin: China
Model No: GS-AAW
Price Terms: FOB ,CIF ,C&F
Payment Terms: T/T ,L/C,Western Union
Package: Standard export package
Minimum Order: 50pcs
Delivery Time: 7-10days
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Product Features:


1.Spray pattern is hollow cone and the spray area appears rings. Spray angle ranges from 88 to 144 degree.

2.In a wide range of shock and stress, it can produce distributed uniformly spray and droplets size ranges from small to moderate. Even at low pressure condition, it also can undertake good atomization and create excellent results. Asking for rapid heat and effective impending droplets' impact application, this effect is especially obvious.

3.The unique design of the hollow cone spray resolve industrial waste gas treatment to eliminate, bubble, liquid mixing and related problems.

4.Mport axis and the blowhole cap lid make into 90 degrees, and the design of novel axis designed to reduce flow of fluid in the cavity flow "drilling effect".

5.Vortex structure design and its big and unobstructed flow can reduce or eliminate the phenomenon of obstruction.

6.Commonly used to eliminate bubbles in papermaking industry, mixture liquids in chemical industry, and dust control, humidifying control, cooling, etc. in environmental protection industry.

7.Thread size :1/8, 1/4, 3/8, 1/2, 3/4, 1, 1-1/2, 2, 3 ect as customized .

8.Spray pattern :hollw cone .



Installation description

1.If you need the AAW hollow cone nozzle to be welded on the pipe, we can provide you right male or female;if you need connectors to clamp on the pipe, we can provide you with plastic and metal clamp connectors.

2.The clamp connector is very convenient and you only dig a suitable hole on the pipe. This is will not do any damage to your pipe, and we can complete the rest work for you. If you need adjust the spray direction, we can provide your suitable adjustable ball connector.

3.GS company can supply you kinds of connect method according to customers' actural needs .



1. Metal parts phosphate
2. Raining test for car
3. High-pressure washing
4. Chemical cleaning on printed circuit boards
5. Silver coated on Mirrors processing
6. Washing nets roller in papermaking factory
7. Cleaning bottles in food industry
8. Remove so2
9. Control NOX
10. Cleaning waste gas of pipe and washing tower
11. Cooling in Steel industry
12. Cooling and cleaning gas
13. Cooling water
14. Control dust
15. Deal with metal
16. Deal with Chemical reactions
17. Deal with other heat exchange

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